Name and logo. The fun stuff!

While thinking about a name for the brewery I wanted to make sure it was a strong name that gave a nod to the community. There was a running list of options generated. One by one, eliminated. “Taken.” “Too much like…" “Sounds weird.” “Don’t like it.” “Too generic.” “Too specific.” “That’s the name of a cottage cheese company.” That actually happened! We poked. We prodded. Then we landed on Break Rock Brewing. When you know, you know. It rang out, and it stuck. It conjures up imagery of hard work and building monuments to stand the test of time. We hope the name will do the same.

With a name, you also need a logo. For that, we turned to the pros. I was pointed to Ryan Merry of RMD by a mutual friend. Ryan has established himself by working with many restaurants, bars, and other businesses. I had seen his work on Idle Hour in Quincy and loved it. I picked up the phone and called him. He explained how the process generally works and we talked at length about what the brewery would be all about. What’s the look? The feel? What type of beers? He gathered as much information as he could and went to work. After a few passes, he came back with our current logo. The star shaped item in our logo is actually based on a pneumatic star drill. This star drill was used in quarrying operations to split and remove large sections of bed rock. Ryan had seen it online and used it as inspiration based on our name and Quincy's rich quarrying history. Cool, huh? Ryan does great work.

When you know, you know. I loved it. I hope you love it too! Stay tuned for more updates. Still working on finding a home but we do have a few irons in the fire. Thanks for reading!


Photo of a star drive. Courtesy of the Quincy Quarry and Granite Workers Museum.

Photo of a star drive. Courtesy of the Quincy Quarry and Granite Workers Museum.